~~She's not from New York, but she's everything that New York represents. Challenge, opportunity, encouragement, beauty, risk, and success. She blends in yet stands out. The looks of a model and the heart of a lion.

J. Simmons

 Welcome to New York City! One of the most original, multicultural, diverse and eccentric cities in the world. I will help you to experience it in all dimensions: underground, at street level, and through time: its past, present, and future. I want you to “see”, “hear”, and “absorb” the complexity of all the accents, the rhythms, the smells, visit places where beauty really is truth.

In New York, you can tour by foot, limo, land, sea, air, bicycle, horse drawn carriage, or helicopter. You can visit places where you can pay nothing or a lot. You can dine in the finest restaurant or crash a vintage bar. You can visit world's greatest museums and art galleries. This section will help you to navigate through the overwhelming amount of choices.